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UV Hybrid Printer


Can be equipped with at most 12 pcs of Ricoh G5/G6 printheads, easily achieve higher precision, higher speed and massive production.

Working width:3200mm

Machine size:5370mm*1290mm

Total width including front and rear tables:3000mm,extending tables can be moved and suits any printing needs.

Technical Parameter
Type of PrintheadsRICOH G5/G6 8 unit
Width of Media3200mm
Printing Precision720*1200dpi;720*1800dpi;720*2400dpi;720*3600dpi
Ink SuppylNegative pressure continuous ink supply
Curing Mode/Ink TypeHigh power LED water cooled UV lamp /UV curable ink
Control SystemHansen System 8H system
Data interfaceNetwork interface
Rip SoftwareRlprint/Photoprint
Ink Cartridge Volume3.5L
Computer ConfigIntel i7-7 and Above, USB3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, 8G RAM,
Machine DimensionL*W*H:5370mm*1290mm*1540mm
Packing Dimension:5550mm*1420mm*1675mm
Nnt Weight/Gross Weight2500KG/2700KG
The Operating EnvironmentTemperature equipment operating 15℃-30℃ (recommended 20℃-28℃)
Humidity equipment 20%-80% (recommended 40%-60%)
The Printing MaterialLeather, lamp cloth, soft film, floor mat and other coil material series; KT board, chiffon board, glass, and other plate series

MJT3260B G5/G6
Configuration Mode: Full ColorConfiguration Mode: White ColorConfiguration Mode: Colorful, White, and ColorfulConfiguration Mode: White Glossy Oil
Production ModeG5: 45㎡/hG6: 55㎡/hProduction ModeG5: 30㎡/hG6: 36㎡/hProduction ModeG5: 14㎡/hG6: 19㎡/hProduction ModeG5: 14㎡/hG6: 19㎡/h
Precision ModeG5: 30㎡/hG6: 40㎡/hPrecision ModeG5: 20㎡/hG6: 27㎡/hPrecision ModeG5: 10㎡/hG6: 14㎡/hPrecision ModeG5: 10㎡/hG6: 14㎡/h


3260B (1).jpg

Sucking platform

Platform with 4 zones of adjustable suction, platform as a high-quality printing bearing body, which uses 42 mm high-precision honeycomb aluminum alloy plate, the overall plane accuracy of less than 10 wires.

3260B (2).jpg

Height-measurement, anti-collision

Standard automatic height measurement, anti- collision protection, optional plate printing and positioning system;

3260B (3).jpg

Feeding system

The feeding system adopts the form of air expansion shaft through the rod and the convenient flat type auxiliary discharge material, which is convenient for customers to print the whole volume and small size scattered printing needs;

3260B (4).jpg

Taking-up sytstem

The taking-up system adopts torque motor control system equipped with air expansion shaft receiving rod, which has large bearing weight, long service life, receiving and discharging material neatly and evenly;

3260B (5).jpg

Double negative pressure system

Equipped with high precision double negative pressure system, matching intelligent metal secondary ink cartridges, with automatic ink lock function, the main ink drum with ink shortage alarm system;

3260B (6).jpg

Industrial machine body

High-strength industrial body can be equipped with up to 3 rows of 9 Ricoh G5/G6 heads, easily achieve high precision, high speed use requirements;