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What industries can uv printers be applied to?

1. Tile background wall

Ceramic tile background wall as more and more high-end decoration family choice, UV printer perfectly fit its characteristics, fast color, curing in time. At the same time, more different background colors can be selected, after painting, directly on a layer of glossy oil more fashionable atmosphere, the overall effect is very good.

2. Advertising industry processing

In the past, in the processing of the advertising industry, the more choice of machines is the inkjet photo machine, and these devices have a good printing effect on soft materials. Of course, there is also a disadvantage, that is, the curing time is long. And once processing sheet or other hard materials, the spray painting machine can do nothing. With the increase of hard materials such as plates in the advertising market, in order to improve the advertising display effect, more and more owners will choose machines that can be both hard and soft, and the function of uv printers will be highlighted at this time.

3. Leather products printing

The market development of shoes is paying more and more attention to individuation, especially the pursuit of young people is more and more unique. A shoe printed with a 3D pattern can largely attract the attention of young people and improve the sales of shoes, and it is necessary to spend effort on the packaging of shoes. At the same time, in addition to shoes, similar to wallets, trolley boxes, schoolbags, belts, the use of UV printers to print some personalized patterns and patterns, but also to a large extent to attract more consumer attention. This market is also an opportunity that every industrial manufacturer is unwilling to give up.

4. Wooden/iron wardrobe, cabinets

Wardrobes and cabinets are used by almost everyone, and the market space is very large. There are many manufacturers of closet cabinets, but there are not many manufacturers of printing on the closet cabinets. There are also some manufacturers in the market that have begun to implement, according to a coastal cooperation boss, since they have used uv printers to print, for half a year, the surrounding manufacturers have been used, not to mention those manufacturers that do not use outsourcing in the industrial chain, the overall provision of personalized customized services is not a feature, but the industry standard.

5. Raster painting design

The grating plate, with the uv printer, is a perfect match. Three-dimensional effect, 3d pattern like immersive, let people linger. As an advertising material, it has gradually been adopted by major advertising, shopping malls, furniture decoration and other occasions. Market prospects and development space are still possible to fully tap.

6. Spray painting of various electrical panels

Such as washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and other consumer appliances and industrial equipment. There are not many individual products that need to be printed, but the use of uv printers can enhance the beauty of a great deal. The one without the machine sells better. It is also a market that cannot be ignored.