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UV printer how to protect and maintain the nozzle?

As the core part of the uv printer, the nozzle is a consumable and vulnerable part, daily use needs to keep the nozzle wet, prevent the nozzle from blocking, at the same time, prevent the nozzle from directly contacting the printing material, causing wear and tear should also be concerned.

Under normal circumstances, the nozzle is firmly installed in the uv printer car, with the car movement of inkjet, in the need to remove the nozzle maintenance, after installation need to check according to the degree of firmness, whether there are installation errors and other problems, to ensure that the nozzle is firm and stable, no prominent.

Different brands of uv printer manufacturers due to technical capabilities, powerful manufacturers will use automatic height measurement, automatic anti-collision car and other technologies to ensure that uv printing may cause error in the calculation of the height of the printing material, the collision of the printing car and the nozzle caused by obstacles on both sides.